Sewing adventures: learning as I go along.

Tessuti Amara vest top – loose tops can be hard to fit too!

This is the Amara Vest top from Tessuti fabrics.( I think this Amara top is a great layering piece for autumn/winter, although I’m still messing around with the sizing. Altering the armhole The top goes from size 1 to size 4. I made the dark check one in size 3 first. But I realised whenContinue reading “Tessuti Amara vest top – loose tops can be hard to fit too!”

Chateau boiled wool jacket – quick, easy and snuggly

I never know until a new pattern is finished whether I’m going to like the finished garment. But when I tried this on I just thought ‘Oh, that’s gorgeous!’. It’s the Chateau jacket from the Sewing Workshop. I had been wavering between this and the Muna and Broad Mallee jacket (, also for boiledContinue reading “Chateau boiled wool jacket – quick, easy and snuggly”

Sewing, sewing, sewn

I got bitten by the sewing bug in the summer of 2017. I had sewn before, cushions, bags and other household items, but I had tried and failed to sew clothes before. The difference this time was the internet. So many learning resources, and such good instructions from independent pattern companies. An now there wereContinue reading “Sewing, sewing, sewn”

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