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I got bitten by the sewing bug in the summer of 2017. I had sewn before, cushions, bags and other household items, but I had tried and failed to sew clothes before. The difference this time was the internet. So many learning resources, and such good instructions from independent pattern companies. An now there were patterns that would fit me.

There were a few Vogue patterns I had success with, but then I came upon Cashmerette and soon after Helen’s Closet and Love Notions, and I was well and truly bitten.

At first it was frustrating because I had no idea what I was doing. But then I began to get more comfortable doing simple thing like the Cashmerette Concord T-shirt, and I have been growing my skills ever since.

I joined the Facebook Curvy Sewing Collective and that has been a wonderful source of inspiration and sewing tips. Then I joined Instagram and most recently started this blog.

It’s an exciting time in the sewing world with new podcasts, pattern companies and other resources coming online all the time. One of the latest developments that I think is great is paying people to test patterns. People have been doing this in the past just for the love of it. But I always, perhaps selfishly, felt ‘why do I want to try a pattern that has not had all the niggles fixed?’. I felt that if it was a male dominated industry, this would not happen. So kudos to Helen’s Closet and now Muna and Broad, for providing the pattern, the fabric and paying for the tester’s time. Yay!

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Sheila O'Kelly is a freelance journalist, sub-editor, specialist in plain English and e-novelist

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