How I lengthen a trousers pattern

I am just about to make the Muna and Broad Willandra pants which have an unusual leg shape. I know from making their other trousers that I will need to add 1 inch to the length. Because of the unusual shape I am not just adding it at the bottom of the pants leg, but I am using the ‘Lengthen/shorten’ line provided.

Get a piece of paper a few inches wider than the pants leg and about 6 inches deep.

Draw two horizontal lines one inch (or what ever much extra you need) apart.

Draw two horizontal lines one inch apart.

Cut the original pattern in between the two ‘lengthen/shorten’ lines.

Cut pattern at shorten lengthen lines.

Line the top line on your piece of paper up with the line on the pattern.

Join paper to pattern piece and continue grainline onto the piece of paper.

Sellotape together. Continue the vertical grain line shown on the pattern to the piece of paper.

Get the bottom of the pattern leg and line it up with the paper, matching up the grain line. Sellotape it on.

Join bottom of pattern to piece of paper – use grainline to get correct position.

The side seams may need to be made true. This means the smooth line may be now slightly distorted. Smooth this out by drawing a line from the original pattern above the piece of paper, to join the line on the pattern below this piece of paper.

Smooth out the side seams

Cut off excess paper.

Don’t forget to do both front and back legs!

Don’t forget to do both the front and back legs!

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