Seamwork Tacara:great easy-to-wear dress

Grey wool-mix jersey with red trim on the left; pink is brushed cotton sweatshirting.

Viscose-mix ponte on the left; and more wool-mix jersey on the right. The orange fabric is cotton ribbing.

I’ve been having fun making the Seamwork Tacara. It’s such a quick project and so easy to wear. It also makes up well in different fabrics.
I like that this style has no waistline elastic or anything, it makes it so comfortable. After the first version (charcoal jersey) where I graded from size 18-20, I made the others in size 20 but exaggerated the cocoon seam in the back by tapering if off a little more towards the end.
The pattern has a lot of ease. It goes up to size 26: B54, W47; H58.
I did want the slim sleeves to balance out the loose shape, but the pattern piece seemed far too small to me. I extended the armscye down 1” back and front and then made the sleeve width at the top 7 3/4”. The sleeve is in two pieces. This meant my sleeve came out slightly beyond the biggest size, but thankfully it has ended up exactly as I wanted it.
I did a forward shoulder adjustment and I used the neckline and collar of the LB Pullover from Paper Theory.
I used the pockets from the Pattern Emporium Lounge Dress. This is a one layer pocket that is top-stitched on – it sits behind the main fabric. So no flapping about.

I used the binder attachment on my Coverstitch to bind the sleeves and pockets.

I held the pattern piece up to my body to see where to position the pockets.
I bound the pockets and the sleeves using the binder attachment on my Coverstitch. I find this very easy with knit fabrics, but I often have trouble using the binder on wovens.
I used elastic in the shoulder seams as far as the sleeve join. I used swimwear elastic feeding through as I serged.
On the most recent blue jersey one, I changed the construction to make the elastic easier to insert and so I would only have to change the colour on my coverstitch once.
So I sewed one seam of the two-piece sleeve together before attaching to the dress. This meant I could bind the cuff before attaching the sleeve.

The wool mix jersey is John Kaldor Isabella Wool Mix Jersey and it’s 170cm wide. It’s 72% viscose, 20% wool and 8% elastane. I get it from
The Ponte is from; for £11.99 a metre. It’s 65% viscose; 30% poly and 5% elastane and 150cm wide.

The sweatshirting is from the no-longer-selling fabric

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