Muna and Broad Tarawi Shirt is a winner

I loved the look of this fabric and thought the recently released Tarawi Shirt from Muna and Broad would be perfect.
I’d made this pattern before in linen following along with the video tutorials. This time I just followed the written instructions. I aim to be able to make a shirt without needing instructions! I’ve a long way to go yet.
I think this cheery Robert Kaufman cheery cotton poplin will go with lots of things, be good for layering and brighten up the winter. I received the fabric free as a Minerva ambassador.
This fabric is very easy to handle and to sew, but it is just 110cm in width, so you’d need to bear that in mind. I needed to cut the sleeves on a single layer.

I bought the green linen from http://www.craftystudio.ie

I’m lucky enough to be just back from holidays and it seems like my sewing skills were a bit rusty. I needed to do quite a lot of ripping. The first time I made this shirt the collar came together like a dream, this time I had to unpick bits of it a few times. I think that’s just the nature of fiddly sews, which a shirt will always be.

The placket is grown on but ingeniously designed so that the button part looks separate – there’s a little hem along the vertical inner edge of the placket.
The sleeve placket is bound, which works very well too.
There are lots of options with this shirt.

There are two neck options: regular neck and narrow neck. For the first version I did the regular and for this one I did narrow. I think the narrow fits me best.
There are also two sleeve options: regular and narrow. I used regular both times.
You can also sew this shirt just using the band – like a grandfather shirt.

And the bust options make fitting this shirt great for me, they go from 00 for people with no breast tissue and +2, +4, +6. These figures are relative to the shoulders. I have narrow shoulders and the size C with + 6 and grading out at the hips worked really well for me.
I really love how the shoulders fit.
I lengthened the front and back by 2” in this version and I slightly exaggerated the curve of the back hem.
I’m also wearing the tapered version of the Free Range Slacks from Sew House Seven.

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