Fielder dress number 3 – such an enjoyable sew

Third time around this Fielder dress was a really enjoyable sew – live and learn!

So happy with my third Fielder dress from Merchant and Mills. A really enjoyable sew this time.
This is a medium weight denim with 2-way horizontal stretch and none vertical. The first time I made this pattern, I spent quite a bit of time staring at the instructions in a puzzled fashion. I had never done the type of darts it uses before. About the first two thirds of the dart is on raw edges and the last one third is on a folded edge. I stumbled along and got there, but I felt I didn’t know what I was doing. And I had to trim bits off the neckline before adding the neckband.
How satisfying this time then, to be able to match everything up perfectly and know what I was doing. I could now see exactly what the drafting was trying to do.

Ready-made ribbing

And having always made my own ribbing, I’ve recently started using ready made and I’m a convert! It makes doing neckbands and cuffs so easy. I got this ribbing from Maeve at It is a lovely quality, reasonably priced and Maeve has lots of colours.
I had enough of this denim fabric to make something else, but only if I got the sleeves out of this piece. So they are a bit short – I make the cuffs longer, but I would lengthen the sleeves to the correct length the next time.

Zip pockets

The inside of the zip pockets – pocket lining is Liberty Tana lawn

I don’t like side seam pockets on me on a straight dress like this, so again I added zip pockets to the front where I think they look good.
The boiled wool orange LB Pullover from Paper Theory is one of four of these I made and I wear one nearly every day. So cosy!

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