Fielder Dress number 4 in Ponte

This is my fourth Fielder Dress from Merchant and Mills, this time in Ponte. I find it a really flexible pattern in terms of fabric. So far I’ve made it in: viscose flannel; stretch cotton sateen; stretch denim and now the Ponte.
This Ponte has quite a lot of horizontal stretch and only little vertical. Still, I didn’t take enough account of the vertical stretch and the pockets are a little low, but not disastrously so!

Zipped welt pockets

On the first Fielder when I included the side seam pockets, they gaped and I removed them. Since that one I now always add these zipped welt pockets. They are made from black linen scraps. I really enjoy adding these on. I used to make bags and I use the same technique that I used on them for interior zipped slip pockets.


The pattern also comes with a crew neck top, and I used that neckline because I prefer that in winter.

Stretch blind hem

I’ve been experimenting with the blind hem foot and stitch on my sewing machine lately. And for the hem on this I used the stretch blind-hem stitch with a normal needle. To me it looks like it did a really great job! So satisfying to master something new.

Bought ribbing

I used bought ribbing for the neckline and cuffs, which I cut to size.


My measurements put me at 20-22 in this pattern and I went with 22. I also added 1/2” to the side seam. This is because I hate when you sit down in a straight dress and it all bunches up. Mind you in this stretch Ponte, I could have gone down a size or two, but I’m happy with it. And it is sooooo comfy.
I got the beautiful Ponte and the ribbing from local Irish supplier, Maeve at
There are more details about pattern alterations and sewing details of the Fielder in my first blog about this pattern.


  1. Definitely a tried and true (TNT) sewing pattern – you really do suit this style. My TNT is Tessuti’s Eva dress, which I make over and over – must break the mould one day and try something else. Eva suits my hot, sticky environment and lifestyle. Tessuti have also ‘hacked’ Eva into a gorgeous pinafore in wool crepe too – very nice. Have you seen The Insoucient Stitcher’s blog? Regards, Sandra


    • Thanks very much. I just had a look at the Eva – it’s fab. I love the way it flares gently from the waist. One to add to the list. And thanks for tip re Insoucient blog. That looks great too and I’ve just subscribed. Thank you!


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