Silk scarf delicousness for winter warmth

I love to wear wool in the winter – everywhere except around my neck. But I also like to be warm so I have made several scarves from silk chiffon. This pale grey 100% silk chiffon is my latest and it is so dreamy. It was very kindly gifted to me by The fabric is so floaty but I can still easily tuck it into my coat with no bulk. I usually use the full width of the fabric and two metres in length. And the only work is to do a rolled hem, no measuring! So the fabric for this beautiful pale grey silk chiffon scarf was 56” wide and the usual two metres. I did the rolled hems on my overlocker/serger.

Rolled edges

Most overlockers have a setting for a rolled edge. Mine is a Babylock Imagine and I do the stitch width at the very narrowst possible. There is a separate part on the width dial for rolled edges. And I do the length as the instructions recommend, 3.5.
I use normal overlocking thread in the two loopers and embroidery thread in the single needle. I just like the finish this gives. This is very much a machine finished edge and doesn’t look hand done, but I’m happy with that.

Cut off about 1/4″ from the edge

When doing rolled hems like this, I find it works best to let the knife cut off about 1/4” of fabric – this helps to avoid poky bits of thread or fabric along the edge.
I only cut the thread off at the end. I stop sewing just short of each corner, raise the presser foot, slip the thread off the stitch fingers, and turn the fabric. Then I lower the presser foot and continue on. Sometimes this gives a perfect corner and sometimes there is a little sticky out bit. If there is any surplus thread, I cut it off and put a few dabs of Fray Check on it. I do this to the final corner too. That has done the trick for me on all my scarves so far.

These silk scarves are really warm and because they are so wide they have the added advantage of being useful as a shawl too.
I got the silk for the other scarves on sale last year from

I’m also wearing an LB Pullover from Paper Theory in boiled wool; StyleArc Bob Pants and a ready to wear poloneck.

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