Tilly and the Buttons Lotta Dress – comfy and swishy!

Tilly and the Buttons Lotta dress in viscose

This is a really easy-to-wear dress and so comfy and manages to combine that with making you look like you’ve made a bit of an effort! I made this Tilly and the Buttons Lotta Dress in a really drapey viscose. And I think this pattern definitely needs something with a bit of drape.

Perfect for layering

I plan to wear this during the winter with a vest and half slip and maybe a cardi in the winter; and then onto the spring with fewer layers.

I replaced patch pockets with in-seam pockets

I saw somebody somewhere say they sewed this up in an hour. Well I’m pretty fast but this first one took me more like seven hours and the next one would take me about 5. I did complicate it slightly by doing inseam pockets instead of patch pockets. I didn’t want patch pockets in this fabric flopping about. I again used the pattern piece (adapted slightly) from the Muna and Broad Willandra Pants and its instructions. This is slightly fiddly but gives a lovely result.

I cut this in a straight size 9. The seam allowance is 5/8” but I sewed the side seams and sleeve seam at 1cm (I know, can’t help mixing imperial and metric!). I tried it on before finishing the seams and decided I liked the extra bit of room. I had already sewed the skirt at 5/8” but I was able to ease the difference between them in no problem.

The instructions have you fold the seam allowance for the elastic casing down, but my pockets would have been in the way, so I folded it up. This worked well.
I did a bias binding finish on the neckline instead of a facing.

I have short arms, so even though I cut the sleeves as on the pattern I had to shorten them about an inch. They’re still full length rather than bracelet length, but I’m happy with that.
I wish I had done a forward shoulder adjustment as the neck is inclined slightly to slip back. So if I make this again I will do a 3/4” forward shoulder adjustment.
I didn’t have to do a full biceps adjustment!!! Yay!!
I got the fabric from local online fabric shop: http://www.craftystudio.ie

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