Stylearc Bob Pants (2) in black wool

Stylearc Bob Pants with LB Pullover and a ready to wear polo

I had already made the Stylearc Bob Pants in Minerva’s ( grey, pure new wool suiting and really love them. So I decided to make them again, this time in their black wool, which was gifted to me as a Minerva Maker. I know! But they will both go with everything.
The black has some lycra in it but to be honest I forgot that and didn’t particularly notice any stretch, but then this is a very baggy and loose style.

I would regard these as luxury fabrics but let’s face it we’re not going to be going anywhere fancy anytime soon. So I think these trousers will give me the luxury of warm drapey wool, but the comfort of track suit bottoms while lounging and working from home. In fact my other half said they looked like track suit bottoms. Result! That’s the look I was going for – but really classy track suit bottoms.

The pockets on my first Bob pants gaped a bit – not the pattern’s fault but I had changed them to slash pockets and I ended up needing a button on them to stop them gaping. But for this pair, I modified the pocket in the Muna and Broad Willandra Pants pattern to fit these trousers and then followed the Willandra instructions. And it worked! The Willandra pockets have a little wedge that folds back (see pic) and makes the pockets lie very nicely. Yes I’m obsessed with pockets!

I used pure silk satin for the pockets but I faced the first couple of inches with the trousers fabric. To do this I cut the entire pocket pieces from the silk. I made facing pattern pieces from the pocket pattern, but just the first couple of inches. Then I sewed the trouser fabric facing on to the right side of the silk. From then on I treated the pocket piece as usual.

I wash almost all my fabric before sewing and I washed this on a cold wool wash with Woolite liquid and it washed beautifully. I dried it on the line.

I made the cropped black and white LB Pullover (Paper Theory patterns) last year from a scrap of handwoven Irish wool. And the polo neck is an ancient Boden ready to wear.


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