Stylearc Bob Pants in pure new wool

Stylearc Bob Pants worn with LB Pullover in boiled wool and ready to wear top

This is a beautiful grey, pure new light wool suiting that was gifted to me by Minerva Crafts.
I was originally going to make the Fielder dress from Homer and Howell or the Box Pleat Dress from the Assembly Line Shop, but I decided the vibe might be a bit too much devout nun or Handmaid’s Tale!
So I went with the StyleArc Bob Pants.

Unusually shaped trousers

This pattern has been unused in my pattern stash for quite a well. I had been a bit scared of the funky shape on my curvy size. This wool is described as non-itchy so I was confident I wouldn’t need a lining and having tried them on and worn them for an hour or so, I can say they don’t feel itchy at all. The fabric is beautifully fluid and I think the unique shape of the Bob pants matches well with the the sober fabric.

Gauged size from a different pattern I had already made

I made these straight from the pattern at size 22 without even doing a toile. But I measured them against my Cutting Line Design one-seam pants and I could tell the fit would work. I did lengthen them 1” at the shorten-lengthen line.

And I made slash pockets so I could secure them at the waist. I generally don’t like in-seam pockets as provided in the pattern. However, even though I interfaced the edges they do gape a little, so I added a hammer-on snap to each of them to keep them tidy. I used Liberty Tana lawn in the pocket lining. I might change the way I do the pockets the next time. I did my usual way of adding the waistband, by sewing it on then threading the elastic through. The pattern instructions get you to sew the elastic to the waistband first. I don’t see the logic in that.
I’m really pleased with these. I think they look high quality, but are as comfortable as track suit bottoms to wear. And they are oh so warm! They fit in well with the colours in my wardrobe so I think I’ll get a lot of wear from them.
I wash almost all my fabric before sewing and I washed this on a cold wool wash with Woolite liquid and it washed beautifully. I dried it on the line.

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