Mandy Boat Tee in viscose jersey

The beautiful colours were what attracted me first to this Lady McElroy viscose crepe jersey knit. And I’m trying to coordinate my wardrobe a bit better. I knew a top made in this would go with both my StyleArc Bob Pants that I made recently in wool. I’m wearing the grey Bobs here in the pure wool grey suiting. The jersey was gifted to me by in exchange for a blog post.

I chose the Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee for the viscose jersey because it is very drapey. The Mandy is a free pattern.

Hacked pattern to add a polo neck

I had already used drapey viscose for this top and found it suited very well. I rounded the neckline and added a polo neck to make the top winter friendly. I had already altered the pattern to fit, including a substantial biceps adjustment – be warned the sleeves in this top pattern are very slimline. I like the contrast between the slim sleeves and loose body.
I forgot the sleeves were only bracelet length so I added cuffs. Winter thinking again! The cuffs come from the Helen’s Closet Blackwood cardigan pattern.
These are just right for me so I have them cut out in card and stuck up beside my cutting table. I keep a selection of pockets pinned up there too.

When I was sewing the shoulder seams, I forgot I had the differential up at the highest on my serger, so it gathered the seam for about half before I noticed. I changed down to normal and finished the seam. On the other side I mimicked this deliberately turning up high for half the seam. I didn’t want to risk poking holes in the fabric when ripping!
This is a great top that will go with lots of things I already have. Success!

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