Cashmerette Fuller Cardigan hits the mark

I had made these red viscose Cashmerette Calder Pants and Helen’s Closet Ashton top and decided I would need a jacket/cardigan to go with them. Why I’m dreaming up these going-out outfits at the moment is pure escapism as we won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!

I detailed my Calder adjustments in the first Calder blog so I won’t go into them here.
I’ve had the Fuller ( for ages but hadn’t got around to making it. I was dreaming of a Chanel style crop jacket to go with this faux jumpsuit. But I wanted a quick fix! I had this dark navy baby scuba in my stash so decided it would make a good wearable muslin/toile. I had bought it way back in November 2018 for £3.50 a metre from I get a lot of muslin fabric here as it tends to be the cheapest around.
I decided to make the crop version, but I didn’t want the waist or arm bands, and I wanted full-length sleeves a la faux jacket! I also wanted the jacket 1” longer than the given crop length.
So modifications, I was doing away with the waist band, but wanted jacket 1” longer so:
I lengthened the back by 3”
lengthened the front by 3”
Lengthened the front facing by 3”.
After I added the front facing, I mitred the corner where it joins the hem.

This pattern did make me feel a bit as I have giant arms. I used the biceps adjustment piece very generously provided, but I still had to increase the width of the sleeve for the bottom half of the arm. And the sleeve just about fits now, but I wouldn’t get much on underneath it.
And conversely due to my narrow shoulders I graded from size 16 at the neck and shoulders out to size 20 under the arms. I used the G/H bodice bust piece provided. Three different sizes are given which is great. I have a 7” difference between my high bust and my full bust.
One consequence of not using the waist band is that the cardigan sticks out a little at the back. So I may add buttons or snaps because when I hold front pieces together this goes away.
This is a great little pattern that I can also wear casually and I have several more planned!

Fuller cardigan with hacked Wiksten Shift top and Muna and Broad Glebe trousers in denim.
Cashmerette Calder trousers with Helen’s Closet Ashton top: fabric red woven viscose twill

I’ve since sewn another Fuller and you can read about it here:

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