Cashmerette Calders – comfortable, smart-casual trousers

Cashmerette Calder trousers in navy viscose twill; and Cashmerette Cedar Dolman top in Seasalt cotton voile

I have made quite a few wide-leg trousers but these are quite different. They’re more dressy somehow and will be really useful for nights out over winter – if they ever happen again!
They’re trans-seasonal Cashmerette Calders in a brushed viscose twill (I think that’s the fabric). I just love this pattern and plan to make some more.

I love the curved waistband and darts at the back. They help to give a nice shape and reduce unnecessary bulk.

The top is the LB Pullover from Paper Theory made from scraps from two other projects.

Shortened the waist depth by 2 inches

These were kind of a muslin. I had to take the waistband off and lop 2” off the whole way around; and I shortened the leg length by 1”. Those were the only changes I made to size 20. I’m W40, H50. These are the full-length version. I have since altered the paper pattern by removing 2” at the crotch shorten/lengthen line on the pattern. And oh yes, I sewed the side seams at 5/8” instead of 1/2” by mistake – so I’ll do that deliberately the next time!

Pockets made from silk satin

I used some scraps of navy silk satin in my stash for the fully concealed pockets. These were a little tricky but if you just take it one step at a time, the result is very beautiful pockets. If your fabric is any way heavy I’d suggest using lining fabric for them. And the pattern suggests main fabric or lining fabric. The instructions have you make the pockets so the ‘right’ side of the fabric is on the inside, but I prefer the ‘right’ side where I put my hand in, so I changed this.

Bought viscose twill in a happy accident

This navy fabric was sent to me in error in an order but it was a happy accident. My guess is that it’s a viscose twill. Smooth on the outside and fluffy on the inside and it takes a hot iron.
I have another pair cut out in red viscose twill and had enough to cut out a Helens’s Closet Ashton too. The top will go with both trousers.

Yellow top is Cedar Dolman

The yellow top is the Cashmerette Cedar Dolman in Seasalt cotton voile.

Long-sleeve top is LB Pullover from Paper Theory

The long-sleeve top is the LB Pullover from Paper Theory, put together from scraps from two other projects.

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