Homer & Howells Cissy – version 2

Homer and Howells Cissy dress in navy mystery flannel type fabric

Another Cissy Dress from Homer and Howells (https://www.homerandhowells.com/shop-online/cissy). I think this will be very wearable.

Binding attached on coverstitch machine

I used the binding attachment on my Babylock Coverstitch machine. The red is a viscose jersey.

This time I trimmed the neck and the cuffs in red using the binder attachment for my Coverstitch machine. Because this type of binding tends to shrink an opening a little, I trimmed half an inch around the neck tapering to 1/4” at the shoulder. However, because this was a knit binding and a woven fabric, I don’t think I need have done so and I would prefer the neck opening as in the original.

I used a viscose jersey for the binding. Jersey works really well for this type of binding on a woven. You just cut strips, it doesn’t need to be on the bias.

I forgot to say with the orange version, that as I also did here, I cut the back bodice and skirt on the fold, because in my muslin I had no problem getting it on over my head.

I had already altered the pattern to make these changes:
• 1/2” forward shoulder
• Lowered bust dart 1”
• Graded from 16 at shoulders out just past size 24 at armholes, and back in to size 20 at the waist. I did this so I could do a cheat’s biceps adjustment by using the size 24 sleeves.

And it has pockets!

Mystery fabric

Some time ago I ordered 6 metres of ‘linen’ and what arrived was this. I hung on to it even though the company said I could send it back. It was a reasonable price. I’m not sure what it is, but it takes a very hot iron. It’s kind of brushed and soft on the inside and smooth on the outside. My guess would be a viscose twill. Anyway it’s really comfortable to wear and lovely and drapey. It will be so cosy in the winter.

I’m planning to make the Cashmerette Calder trousers out of what’s left.

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