Cashmerette Fuller cardigan number 2

For my second Fuller Cardigan I wanted something more casual for every day. And I wanted it longer

I kind of made these changes as I went along. I had already made changes to the pattern as detailed in my first blog on the Fuller (
On the first version I misplaced a bit of the facing pieces so this time I sewed them together as soon as I cut them out.

Added 1.5″ neckband

I added a 1.5″ neckband using a 3″ wide strip folded in two.

But then when I had cardigan made up and tried it on, I thought the neckline was a bit low. So I added a 1.5” band to the neckline, which meant I only needed the vertical bits of the facing and not the bits around the neck. I just cut a strip of fabric 3” wide and longer than I needed. Then I serged it on, cut off the excess and top-stitched it down on the outside.

And of course my facing pieces were now too short, doh! I ended up shortening the cardigan by 4”. I had originally cut it out longer than the longer one, and the final version is 2” shorter than the long one.

I serged the darts!

I serged the darts in the bodice and the shoulders to avoid flaps of thick fabric.

I forgot to say in the first Fuller blog, that because that ponte/scuba was quite thick, I serged the darts. I didn’t want big flaps of fabric hanging around.
The fabric in this one is a lovely brushed viscose ponte from Maeve And while it’s not as thick, I still serged the darts. In fact I nearly always serge darts on knit!.
Whoops, I hear the dart police assembling.
I used hammer on snaps on this version – I’m getting more confident doing these.

I’m also wearing a hacked Wiksten shift top and Glebe Pants in denim from Muna and Broad.
The Fuller is a very hackable pattern – there will be more!

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