Chateau boiled wool jacket – quick, easy and snuggly

I never know until a new pattern is finished whether I’m going to like the finished garment. But when I tried this on I just thought ‘Oh, that’s gorgeous!’. It’s the Chateau jacket from the Sewing Workshop.

I had been wavering between this and the Muna and Broad Mallee jacket (, also for boiled wool. I went with this because it was more of a coat and boiled wool is quite expensive. I thought I’d get more wear out of this. However, as I read patterns and watch You Tube sewing videos for pleasure! I had already watched the wonderful tutorials for the Mallee from Leila at Muna and Broad. I used Leila’s method for lapped seams instead of the Chateau instructions. They just made more sense to me and looked easier too. The main difference is that with the Chateau you cut of excess seam allowance before sewing, but with Leila’s method you cut it off afterwards.

Likewise, I used Leila’s method for ’shadow pockets’. The Chateau calls for a pocket piece and pocket bag and the pocket is not secured all round. With Leila’s method, there is no pocket bag, but there is a small pocket facing. It means you can see the stitch line on the outside, but I don’t mind that. I love the way the pocket is then secured, I hate pockets flapping around. I did used the Chateau pattern piece and then drafted my own facing for the pocket opening.
The drafting on the Chateau is wonderful and everything lines up really easily. I was pleasantly surprised at the length of the sleeves and the coat itself. I had planned to lengthen these but I didn’t have enough fabric. But if making another I would leave them this length.

I made the largest size XXL, which is for 46”, 37”, 47.5” – and I’m 46, 40, 50 and you can see there is plenty of room. For this size the finished measurements are given as 62”, 56”, and 36” length.
Irish sewing suppliers are so helpful and fast. I ordered the A0 of this pattern from yesterday and it arrived today!
Likewise I got speedy delivery of the boiled wool from I have taken to asking these local fabric suppliers to pick out the matching colour thread and they always get it just perfect.
Underneath, the stripy top is the Wiksten Shift I( shirttails added and Muna and Broad Glebe pants in blue linen (

Oh, I won’t be wearing this with sandals in the winter, in case you were wondering!

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