Cashmerette Fullers with binding

I’ve made lots of cardigans over the last few years but none of them were as multipurpose as I wanted. If they were a nice neat design then the sleeves were too tight. For me a cardigan is something I will wear over something else so I like it to go on easily over a short or long sleeved top.

Bigger sleeves to wear over other clothes!

So I was excited when the Cashmerette Fuller came out and now it is the perfect cardigan for me after I’ve made some minor adjustments. This includes a biceps adjustment even though they give two sleeve options, one with a biceps adjustment, one without. But I increased this a bit more as I don’t want any tightness on the sleeves.
Cashmerette Fuller:
These red and navy versions are both ponte, which should have the added bonus of being easy to launder.
I love natural fabrics but I always have a very big ironing pile!

Replaced facing and waist band with binding

For these two versions, I changed the construction a bit. I bound the neck and hem on my coverlock machine using a binder attachment, which made this super easy. At the beginning and end I left a little tale of binding which I then incorporated into the facing down the centre fronts.
I cut the cardigan in between the crop and the waist length, but I found that the length varied a little depending on the stretch in the fabric. So I didn’t cut the front facing until everything else was done. Then I cut a strip 1.5” wide, and held it up to front of cardigan and cut it to fit – plus a little extra at the top and bottom to turn under. I added non-stretch iron on interfacing. I sewed the facing on using a zig zag stitch, under stitched it and then top stitched it down.

This streamlines the cardigan construction for me and I can make one up in about an hour and a half.
Oh yes, I’ve also being using hammer on metal snaps instead of buttons.

I’m also wearing:

a Pattern Union T:

Muna and Broad Glebe Pants.


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