Really quick and easy face mask

This mask from Pattern Union is really comfy and so easy to make. It’s also free on their website (they give the coupon code there You can make it from neoprene or scuba. Mine is a thick neoprene which has sponginess sandwiched between two layers. There is no lining and just one quick seam. You sew the strap on one side and a button on the other.

Child, adult and large adult sizes

The pattern comes in child, adult and large adult. I chose large adult and I like it because there is some space separating the mask on the inside – although there is a good seal around the edge. I needed to shorten the strap by about 2.5”.

You can vary strap for different sizes and fabrics

I made the same size for my husband who has a large head! I didn’t need to shorten his strap.
I really like the button because I’m always fumbling trying to remember which way is up for masks. For this one I put the button on the right-hand side and then I know it is the right way up.

Great if you wear hearing aids

This type of strap has the added benefit for me because I already wear glasses and hearing aids so I really don’t need anything else behind my ears.
Oh and I’m wearing an LB Pullover from Paper Theory; and Sculthorpe Pants from Muna and Broad.

Thread-snipper necklace!

And that ‘necklace’ – it’s a thread snippers on elastic. Leila from Muna and Broad mentioned she did this and I straight copy-catted her. It’s a game changer folks – no longer constantly searching for one of my half-dozen thread snippers. And I promise I don’t run when wearing it and take it off before leaving the sewing room!

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