Ruffle love with Wiksten hacked dress

I’m totally in love with this wool dress hacked from the Wiksten Shift Dress. I wasn’t sure I would feel comfortable in this type of dress, but I totally do! It feels so swishy and comfortable and I can see several summer versions in my wardrobe. The line around the bodice is a bit up and down but I think that’s okay in this style, but let me know if there’s something else I should be doing. Not quite sure.

For the hack, I followed the tutorial on the Wiksten site, but I added a second tier.
For the first tier, I multiplied the width of the pattern piece by 75% and added that to the width – as the hack suggests. For the second tier I used the full width of the 150cm fabric. I am a Minerva Maker but I bought this an ultra lightweight pure wool suiting from them on special offer a while ago:
I cut the bodice 18” down from the high bit of the neck. The next time I would taper the front bodice down by about 3/4” from the centre front out to the sides.

Liberty Lawn neck facing

I used Liberty Lawn for the neck facing because it find it very stable and comfortable against my neck.

Added pockets

I added pockets following the Megan Neilsen tutorial.
I made the pockets from silk satin, so I faced the first couple of inches to keep them invisible. I always face each pocket piece even though I know one will not be visible but it stops me getting mixed up and doing the wrong one!

Rolled hem

With a full skirt like this I nearly always do a rolled hem on my serger/overlocker and I did this here too.


  1. Thanks for the details like your facings as these are great ideas and what makes your sewing special and a interesting read. I am not very experienced so I learn a lot from reading blogs and then incorporating what I learned.


  2. Gorgeous!! You might like the ideas from
    – quite an amazing young girl – see her profile (About Me). Just finished Ashton – first time I’ve made a top that fits without faffing around with FBA etc. Next up is the Cashmerette Upton gored skirt – so far I can slip the toile over my head and it sits comfortably on my waist – no zip! Regards, Sandra


    • Thanks so much Sandra! Yes, I follow purple sewing cloud on Insta. She is a remarkable young woman! I love the Ashton top too. I have the Upton pattern, but I haven’t made it yet. I’ve sent off for the expansion pack and can’t wait to receive it. Happy sewing!


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