Tilly and the Buttons PJs – and my Covid brain

All’s well that ends well with these PJs from Tilly and the Buttons. The pattern is from Tilly’s ‘Make it Simple’ book and I got a free printout of the pattern in a sewing magazine. It was printed on both sides so I had to trace the pattern.
I made a few mistakes along the way with these – call it Covid brain!

I made unnecessary biceps adjustment

I have made several Tilly patterns before and her sleeves are actually always big enough for my biceps – unlike a lot of other patterns. But on these I went ahead anyway and did a 1” biceps. I hate PJs anyway tight. I needn’t have. They would have been plenty big enough anyway.
I usually make a size 9 in Tilly patterns but I sized up in these to a 10. I probably needn’t have done that either, but they are very comfy.

Should have tried on top before adding cuffs

I forgot to try the top on before adding sleeve cuffs. I should have shortened the sleeves about 3”. It doesn’t really matter because I can turn them back.

Mark that foldline!

Oh and when tracing the pattern, I didn’t mark the foldline thinking ‘sure that’s obvious anyway’. Reader I cut the front with the folds on the wrong side. Hence the colour-blocking – I had cut the front with the armholes in the centre! Luckily I had this left over French Terry and used that to recut the top of the front.

Added a drawstring

Other changes – intentional this time! I added a folded over channel to thread the elastic through at the waist of the pants, because I wanted to add a drawstring. In the pattern the elastic is stitched straight on to the waist. For PJs I cut the elastic my full waist size plus seam allowance so there’s nothing tight when I’m sleeping. Then if I’m walking around during the day, I can cinch them in with the drawstring.

Curved hem of the top

I curved the bottom hem of the front hem on the top because this balances out my shape a bit.

Readymade ribbing makes life easier

Until now I had always made my own cuffs, neckbands etc, but recently I tried using ready-made ribbing and it was a revelation. So I went to town on these PJs and used it wherever needed. It does make it a whole lot easier. You can actually use the supplied pattern pieces because the stretch on ribbing is consistent. When making your own, the length you cut these pieces depends on the stretch of the fabric. I have now stocked up on different colours. I’m converted!
I will be making more of these PJs.
All the jersey fabric and ribbing came from Maeve at http://www.dressfabrics.ie a wonderful, local to me in Ireland, online fabric store.


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