Sheila O'Kelly - makes every word count by making it clear

Why use plain English?

Put your information to the test: think of your reader

Will they be able to understand it first time?

Information that is poorly written or presented can damage your company's reputation. People will assume you have something to hide if they cannot understand your message.

The solution is to present all your information in plain English.

  • Can the reader understand it first time?

    'Going forward, there are largescale, comprehensive plans that will be put in place in the most productive way possible and that will ensure widescale synergy in the organisation'. This may look impressive at first glance but what does it mean? Jargon, and gobbledygook leave your reader frustrated, uninformed and give the impression your organisation has something to hide.
  • Does the reader get your message?

    Make your expensive literature earn its keep by making sure that it doesn't just look good, but gets your message across quickly and clearly too.
  • Is the reader benefiting from your expertise?

    Look again at the knowledge you already have and present it so that it reaches your target audience.
  • Will the reader trust you?

    Show that your organisation has the highest ethical standards by communicating in a way that everyone can understand.