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Website writing, editing, usability reviews

How is website text different?

Readers scan website pages – they don’t read from top to bottom as they may do in a printed document.
Website text should:

  • be short and snappy;
  • lure the reader to ‘click’ again;
  • highlight key words in bold;
  • contain plenty of headings and subheadings; and
  • be in a colour that is easy to read and contrasts strongly with the background, for example black on white.

What about usability?

The website should make it easy for the reader to find what they want quickly.
The design should:

  • minimise the number of clicks needed for the reader to find the information they want;
  • include hyperlinks that work when clicked;
  • give text priority over images;
  • make text easy to read; and
  • avoid superimposing images behind text.

Do websites need to be proof-read?

Yes! Sometimes you may be happy with your website, but would like an expert, fresh review of it for spelling, punctuation and grammar.
I can provide this service for you, while also checking that all the hyperlinks are working correctly as I go along.

What about new content?

If you are just setting up your website, or need new content for your existing website I can write the text using:

  • material supplied by you;
  • new material that I write based on your requirements.

I can also ‘interview’ you to find out about your product and what you want your potential customers to know. I can then write up this information in a way that targets your market segment.

What format do you use for website reviews?

Your review can be carried out in Microsoft Word or in an interactive Adobe Acrobat PDF. Alternatively, I can work on site with whatever website creation package you are using.

Microsoft Word

When I prepare your website review in Microsoft Word I:

  • extract the different pieces of text from your website;
  • convert them to Microsoft Word;
  • create a Word review using snapshots of, and hyperlinks to the relevant pages on your website;
  • print one hard copy for your use; and
  • give you an electronic copy of the review by email, memory stick or on disc.

If you wish to see exactly where the changes were made I can ‘track the changes’ using Microsoft Word and include a copy of the tracked text.

Interactive Adobe Acrobat

Interactive PDFs are a little different and are sometimes easier to follow for the person making the changes on a computer. For example, if there are a lot of small changes.

  • I create an electronic PDF of each relevant website page.
  • My insertions, deletions and text rewrites are marked on each PDF page. You can view these on a computer using the free Adobe Acrobat (latest version recommended).
  • Long pieces of text are converted to Microsoft word and attached to the PDF via electronic ‘paperclips’.
  • I provide one printed hard copy, which includes a map for each page showing my suggested changes.
  • You receive an electronic copy by email, memory stick or on disc.

Websites I have reviewed

  • Financial Regulator
  • National Disability Authority
  • Personal Injury Assessment Board
  • National Adult Literacy Agency
  • Bupa Ireland (now Quinn Healthcare)
  • Blackrock Clinic

"Highest quality work"

“Sheila O'Kelly has carried out a number of assignments over the past few years for BUPA Ireland in relation to our internet site. She has researched out international competitive position, suggested content and copy, quality assured and reviewed our site on a number of occasions. We have been extremely pleased with her contracts which were all completed on time. Her work is of the highest quality and is very creative.”
– Martin O'Rourke, then Managing Director, BUPA Ireland