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The Plain English Campaign website has many invaluable tips and guidelines for writing in plain English. You can download most of these free for your own use.

The National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) website has lots of useful information about literacy in Ireland.

Gerry McGovern is a website ‘usability’ specialist who focuses on the content and text on websites. He offers plenty of useful advice about writing for websites.

This is the website of renowned internet usability expert Jacob Nielsen. It is a guide to creating websites that focus on the user’s experience. He believes that simplicity is the key to making websites work well.


Complete Plain Words

By Sir Ernest Gowers, published by Penguin Reference (ISBN 0-140-51199-7).

The New Fowlers Modern English Usage

Published by Oxford (ISBN 0-19-860263-4).

‘Politics and the English Language’

An essay from Inside the Whale, and Other Essays, by George Orwell, published by Penguin (ISBN 0-14-001185-4).

‘Propaganda and Demotic Speech’

An essay from The Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell, Volume 3, As I please (1943-1945), published by Penguin (ISBN 0-14-001185-4).

Essential English – for Journalists, Writers and Editors

By Harold Evans, published by Pimlico (ISBN 0-7126-6447-5).