Sheila O'Kelly - makes every word count by making it clear


From first idea to printer ready

Expertly commissioned and produced
publications include:

  • journals;
  • special supplements;
  • magazines; and
  • consumer information.


Services Sheila O'Kelly provides


  • Commissioning articles for your publication.
  • Writing text using your data.
  • Writing text using new material.
  • Writing interviews.
  • Writing product details.


  • Commissioning graphic designer for your publication when necessary.


  • Creating the page plan for entire publication.
  • Clearing article text with contributors.
  • Clearing article text with you.
  • Commissioning photographs.
  • Liaising with designers.
  • Laying-out pages using QuarkXpress or InDesign.
  • Liaising with printers.
  • Proof-reading finished pages.
  • Preparing print-ready PDFs for your printer.

Please note: I do not handle advertising design.