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Writing services

When you don’t have the time to put the information together, get an expert do it for you.

Target information

Get message to the right people

Whatever it is you want to communicate, let an expert

write it so that you reach your target audience.


Press releases

I can write your press release so that it is newsworthy
and suitable for the target market.


Have all your snippets of information put together by a
professional who can also add some high-quality
features to tie your publication together.

Reports and policy statements

Many documents like annual reports and policy statements
lie around gathering dust. I can edit them so that people
can quickly find and understand the information of interest
to them.

Website content

Your content for the web needs to be written for that format.
If you put your standard printed material on the web it
won’t attract readers. I can refashion your existing
information to make it suitable.


Get your standard letters edited so that they communicate
with the reader and get your message across.


Sometimes you may be frustrated because people are not
following instructions. If you have them rewritten so they
are easily understood it will save everyone time and energy.

Application forms

Poorly thought out application forms waste time for your
company and for the person filling them in. I can edit them
so they are logical and easy to fill in.


Make most of your in-house experts
I can interview your expert on the most complex subjects and write an interview report that all your staff can easily understand. In this way, you can spread the knowledge throughout your company to the widest possible audience.

I’ve many years of experience in interviewing health
and business experts; and gathering people’s life stories.

I do extensive research before interviewing someone,
ask intelligent questions and I don’t make assumptions.

I‘m an expert at sequence and structure and that
makes each feature readable and informative.

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Do justice to your new product
Informing professionals or the public about the advances
being made by a new product takes careful planning. It is
essential that the information is clear and user-friendly
– no matter whom the target market is. I can take the
detailed information you already have and transform it into
text that addresses the reader and makes it clear why
they should be interested in your new product.

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Inspire your staff
There are inspirational people in every workplace and
community. Let them inspire your organisation or staff.
I can bring their story to life so that you can spread
the inspiration in your in-house publications or your
literature for the public.

Previous examples

Click on the PDFs below to see articles.

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Diabetes Ireland Editorial

Children and insulin pumps
Life Story: broadcaster Ian Dempsey
Life Story: From boiled up needles to insulin pumps


Cancer Professional Editorial
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CEO BreastCheck: Interview
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Paediatric oncology
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Cervical cancer


Asthma research
The aim
Asthma Society CEO interview
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Asthma Society nurse facilitator interview
The aim
Asthma consultant interview

The Irish Times

In addition to working as an editor on the Finance pages of the Irish Times, I also wrote features. Click titles below to access PDF versions. Or if you subscribe to the Irish Times, you can see them online.


Getting best results from your search engine
The aim
'Worship' Net customers by building a site to behold.


A testing time for diabetes
The aim
Research vital to diabetes


When the juggling becomes too much

Weekly 'Business on TV' column
The aim
Electric bike on test

Private documents

Other specially commissioned writing has included documents on:
product developments;
product research;
information for professionals; and
product launches.