Sheila O'Kelly - makes every word count by making it clear

One-day plain English training course

Read comments from people who have taken part in a course

“Very organised and effective. The training programme gave me an understanding of what plain English actually is. It is not about dumbing down our writing but making it clearer for all kinds of audiences. I will use the workbook and share it with my colleagues. Sheila made the class very comfortable.”

“It has changed my outlook on how I write and say things.”

“Well structured. Engaging format. Nice flow to whole presentation. Challenges a lot of bad habits that have built up over the years.”

“Very worthwhile course. Relevant information relating to my job. Very good course – recommended.”

“Structure very good. Tangible examples and practical options given.”

“Well prepared and structured course delivered in a friendly way. I will proof-read templates and standard forms to make them easier to understand.”

“Excellent. Very professional. Very easy to express an opinion – even if wrong! Workbook is good. Learned a lot about layout and how to improve content.”

“Tutor very relaxed and competent. No time wasted.”

“Very good structure. Efficient running of the training programme with fantastic advice with practical input and use. I will take all of the information back to my work.”

“Very practical. Presenter very organised. Carrying out the tasks helped to focus attention. Workbook excellent. Presenter warm and friendly. Will try to use principles and keep workbook in office.”

“The course was very well presented and explanations of everything made it easy to understand. There was a relaxed atmosphere that all attendees on the course felt they could contribute to. I will now be able to devise letters, memos, and emails for staff that can be understood first time.”