Sheila O'Kelly - makes every word count by making it clear

Specialist topics

Sheila O'Kelly's other special areas of expertise


  • Editor Diabetes Ireland.
  • Former Editor Cancer Professional.
  • Contributor to World of Irish Nursing.
  • Contributor to Nursing in the Community.
  • Contributor to Asthma News.
  • Contributor to the Irish Times.


  • Former sub-editor Irish Times Finance pages.
  • Editor of many Financial Regulator documents [on behalf of the National Adult Literacy Agency - NALA].
  • Holder of Certificate in Investment for Business Journalists.

Pharmaceutical research

  • Regular confidential, written reports on pharmaceutical meetings.
  • Special pharmaceutical supplements.


In-depth interviews on every topic from living with diabetes to the latest pioneering medical research.


  • Contributor of technology articles to the Irish Times.
  • Extensive editing of technology articles for the Irish Times technology section.
  • Fascination with all gadgets!

Expert in:

  • Recording and downloading sound files;
  • QuarkXpress;
  • PhotoShop;
  • Hermes;
  • 3B2;
  • Microsoft Office;
  • ImageCafe;
  • Audacity;
  • Apple Mac; and
  • PCs