Sheila O'Kelly - makes every word count by making it clear

Get your message across first time

My name is Sheila O'Kelly. I specialise in plain English and medical writing. This means I write and edit journals, magazines and corporate documents so that people can understand them first time.

Taking the headache out of long documents

  • Long documents, created from your multiple contributors, edited for accuracy and style.
  • Tables and graphs redesigned for consistency and design.
  • Editing is done using plain English techniques (see;

I specialise in streamlining long documents created by your different contributors. I knit the contributions together so that they are all written in plain English and adhere to your house style. This includes redesigning graphs and tables so that the style throughout the document is consistent.

Typical documents include:

• policy documents;
• annual reports; and
• five-year plans.

Medical meeting reports

I produce clear, comprehensive reports on technical medical meetings so that you can circulate the information to a wider audience. These reports make use of the speaker's address, include information from relevant PowerPoint slides and other relevant sources of information.

Writing and editing other publications

Do you want to make your:

  • website content hit the mark;
  • newsletter relevant;
  • press releases riveting;
  • letters professional;
  • application forms easy to fill in;
  • annual report readable;
  • PR do its job?

Or perhaps you just need staff to understand
safety instructions; or you need longer,
more structured documents such as
policy statements, annual reports
or five-year plans.

As Amy Pilgrim Client Director, Fleishman-Hillard said:
“Sheila's expertise is in understanding an often complex
subject matter and the intended audience that she is
writing for, reporting the appropriate information in
a succinct and interesting way. Importantly, Sheila's
service is on-time, on-brief and without error."


I have also given one-day plain English training courses
to teach people how to transform documents like:

  • annual reports;
  • application forms
  • consumer information;
  • letters;
  • newsletters; and
  • press releases.


Sheila O'Kelly is editor of Diabetes Ireland. She also writes health articles about cancer; asthma; epilepsy and other areas. She compiles and produces one-off,
customised, special supplements.


Sheila O'Kelly: writer, editor and plain English expert.

Sheila O'Kelly: writer, editor and plain English expert.

From first idea to printer ready

Expertly commissioned and produced
publications include:

  • journals;
  • special supplements;
  • magazines; and
  • consumer information.


  • Commissioning articles for your publication.
  • Writing text using your data.
  • Writing text using new material.
  • Writing interviews.
  • Writing product details.


  • Commissioning graphic designer for your publication when necessary.


  • Creating the page plan for entire publication.
  • Clearing article text with contributors.
  • Clearing article text with you.
  • Commissioning photographs.
  • Liaising with designers.
  • Laying-out pages using QuarkXpress or InDesign.
  • Liaising with printers.
  • Proof-reading finished pages.
  • Preparing print-ready PDFs for your printer.

Other publications

  • Press releases.
  • In-house newsletters.
  • Product promotion publications.
  • Consumer health information.
  • Consumer financial information.
  • Annual reports.
  • Company five-year plans.
  • Company policy statements.
  • Company strategy documents.
  • Safety statements.
  • Hygiene statements.